About us

The IMFR International Marathon Fellowship is a group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting long distance running and endurance sports as an opportunity to experience fellowship.

The objectives of our Fellowship are:

-to develop and promote world-wide friendship through running in competitive events and engaging in touristic activities

-to serve the community locally, nationally and internationally through running activities

-to promote international understanding and peace through running activities.

The idea of founding this organization originated at Paris Marathon in 2005.

The charter initiation party of our fellowship was celebrated in 2006 during the marathon in Berlin. The main intention of the IMFR is to organize one Rotarian event a year during an international marathon, where you can meet Rotarian friends and run for a beneficial purpose. Members have come together once a year since 2005 to run in a nominated marathon. We have previously participated in the Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Medoc, Vienna, Great Barrier Reef, Graz, London, Rome and Budapest Marathon, steadily raising funds for PolioPlus. The true international spirit of Rotary and the fellowship is always manifested at such gatherings and long lasting friendships have been developed over the years.

This year’s event is the Ljubljana Marathon in October 2017.

Next year's event will be in Queenstown, New Zealand in November 2018. First details are online now. is the passionate Rotarian marathon fan's first port of call next to Facebook. Here, all the news about our events is posted and people can share ideas and experiences.

The IMFR is open to all Rotarians, Rotaracts and their families. All you need is enthusiasm for the challenge of running; amateur runners are more than welcome.



The Board




Kester Baines - President                                                                                                         










Ralf Ludewig - Past President










 Lutz Bachmnn - Vice President


                                                            Joachim Bekedorf - Treasurer

                                                                                              Jo Bremen









 Mike Pollard - Secretary